Kate Middleton Is Mad That You Can See Her Tits On The Internet

“Oh no, this is just my Asian goodwill tour outfit. Google my titties.”

If you want to see topless pictures of Kate Middleton that look like they were taken by the same camera that took a picture of Bigfoot, head on over to Egotastic if blurry, small titties are your thing. They were taken while Prince William and His cousin, Kate Middleton, were on vacation in France, then published by the French magazine Closer. Now everyone is mad.

As their goodwill tour of Asia continues, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are “saddened,” angry and considering legal options as French magazine Closer published topless photos of Kate on Thursday. “We certainly feel a red line’s been crossed,” a palace source tells PEOPLE of the photos, which were taken during William and Kate’s private holiday in France. The source also said that the mood at the palace back home is “one of anger and disbelief.”

Whatever, the royal family are celebrities. Nothing more. I mean, Fergie calls herself the Duchess. Let’s not get carried away here. The Queen and everybody in Windsor Palace are The Hills Have Eyes with diamonds and jewels they stole from Africa. They have no political influence whatsoever and are a bunch of drunk racists who murdered Princess Di. They only thing they should be apologizing about is the fact that Kate doesn’t have breast implants yet.

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