Kara Del Toro Did The ‘Power Rangers’ Premiere In This Dress

I read a review that said the new Power Rangers movie was “actually pretty great” with such glowing praise as, “make no mistake, Power Rangers is a cash grab” and “the movie opens with a borderline-incomprehensible prologue” and “it is also, jaw-droppingly, one long Krispy Kreme commercial”, so maybe they wanted it to be great then forgot to change the headline. It remains unclear at this time. Then Rotten Tomatoes told me it has a 47% and the name of the movie is actually “Saban’s Power Rangers“.  Nick Saban would have been good for an 86% at least. Maybe hire him for one of the six sequels they’re planning. Anyway, this really has nothing to do with that fact that Kara Del Toro has really big tits and these pictures I downloaded.  My apologies to Kara Del Toro. I should have lead with that.

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Kara Del Toro Should Go To All The Premieres All The Time Forever
Kara Del Toro Should Go To All The Premieres All The Time Forever

Undrafted is a movie that stars the 7th billed cast member of Teen Wolf, so you know it’s gonna be a huge hit. Huge. Probably not as huge as Kara Del Toro‘s rack. She went to the premiere. The first time she was on this site, she was at a premiere. And basically wore the same thing. Then I creeped her Instagram, where her camera struggled to contain her rack as well. They should have premieres of commercials so Kara Del Toro can attend those as well. 

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A photo posted by Kara Del Toro (@karajewelll) on

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Since Kara Del Toro was a big hit yesterday, here’s her Instagram pics today. This isn’t rocket science.


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Kara Del Toro Is New Here

I’ll keep this brief. There’s a movie called The Choice. I guess it’s out. Or about to be out. The premiere was last night. Kara Del Toro isn’t in the movie. But she was at the premiere and wore this dress. So whatever this movie had budgeted for promotion they can take that give it to the charity of Kara Del Toro‘s choice. Ah, so that’s why they named it that. Pretty smart.

I would’ve had these up sooner but I watched this like 65 times. She’s the “Mex” if you haven’t figured that out by her name. 

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