Leonardo DiCaprio Is Banging A 19-Year-Old
Leonardo DiCaprio Is Banging A 19-Year-Old


Leonardo DiCaprio dumps chicks when they think or say “marriage” or he just tosses them out like Christmas trees after they hit the 25th (RIP Nina Agdal). So, I guess a 19-year-old chick will not do either of those things for a while.

DiCaprio’s latest rumored fling is yet another stunning model, and it’s none other than 19-year-old Juliette Perkins, a blonde bombshell who is definitely worth more than just a few looks. Lucky for you, we have some pictures about Juliette that should do the trick. Juliette, who was spotted leaving a club in Los Angeles with Leo just a couple of days ago and sitting in the back seat of a car behind DiCaprio, is a woman who deserves your attention. Still only 19 years old, it’s hard to believe that the Oscar-winning actor, DiCaprio, is still capable of pulling in women like this.

FHM’s paragraph there is kinda cringey, but PLOT TWIST: a very young woman likes the advances of a rich, older dude in Hollywood. Bet you weren’t expecting that today. Now, I know some of you will think a 42-year-old dude banging a 19-year-old is gross, but it’s her choice. Time to #SupportAllWomen. Unless we don’t support women in cases like this. Can somebody send me the updated rules list?


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