Britney Spears Might Be Pregnant

Britney’s people are doing major damage control right now, but In Touch Weekly is doing a little damage control of their own – by sending their Blackberry messages with JR Rotem to everyone on their email list (omg, and we’re on it!!).

In Touch Weekly has documented proof that JR Rotem confirmed to In Touch on Monday, November 26, 2007 that Britney Spears was pregnant and that he was the father. Before he denies this information, he should acknowledge that he confirmed the story to In Touch through text message.

Here are some of the texts:

IN TOUCH: They are saying Britney’s pregnant and you’re the father…

JR: It’s true

IN TOUCH: OK, awesome. Do u think Britney will keep it? She’s already talking about it to people

JR: No clue on what she will do. She is unpredictable.”

I can’t believe men still stick their unprotected penises inside Britney Spears. She’s absolutely disgusting. You’d think men would care more about keeping their favorite body part intact. I picture Britney’s vagina like the kids’ room in Poltergeist. Everything inside is haunted, and when she opens her legs you hear screams and scary monsters jump out and growl at you … then rip your dick off.

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Britney Spears is a Dumbass

It’s impossible for a day to go by without Britney Spears fully driving the point home that she’s a complete retard, so you really shouldn’t be surprised about anything in this video that was shot last night. In under two minutes, Britney Spears almost hits a parked car – twice – while she smokes a cigarette at a gas station. I swear, one of these days somebody is gonna find her corpse after she somehow manages to drown herself in a bucket of water.

Yes, this idiot still hasn’t washed her car since a woman threw coffee on it three days ago:

Source: TMZ

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