Josephine Skriver And Elsa Hosk Want To Make You Smell Better

I’ve been working on getting  my 68-year old mother and her even older husband out Florida today, but now that’s over, here’s Victoria’s Secret models Josephine Skriver and Elsa Hosk taking pictures with the new LOVE fragrance. Getty Images tells me they’re there to “celebrate”. Maybe a new fragrance is cause for celebration. Maybe they got paid some money to look hot posing with a perfume bottle with fake lesbianism and not very subtle blowjob visual subtext to sell a product. I guess we’ll never know.

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Josephine Skriver Is Your New Angel

Now I understand that Josephine Skriver doesn’t have the visceral fat or the early-onset type 2 diabetes that’s hot in the streets right now, but since she doesn’t have to be photoshopped when she walks down a runway, she’s been named Victoria’s Secret newest Angel. I went deep in her Instagram for you and accidentally liked a pic from 48 weeks ago, so I hope you appreciate my sacrifice. I should also let you know that the one I liked from 56 weeks ago wasn’t an accident, because strong relationships are built on trust and open communication. 

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