John Stamos Called Ryan Seacrest Gay On Live Television

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All you have to do is look at Ryan Seacrest‘s yearbook picture to know he was gonna grow up to be a queer or a serial killer (possibly both), so it’s no surprise that John Stamos basically called him a fag on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Radar Online reports:

John Stamos, appearing on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his upcoming production of Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl, raised eyebrows in describing his role in the iconic musical. “I play Corny Collins, he’s sort of a DJ, he hosts a music show,” Stamos said. “Sort of like a straight Ryan Seacrest! “Ryan’s a friend, we’ve kissed,” Stamos joked of Seacrest, who’s dating gorgeous dancer Julianne Hough.

I respect any man’s opinion who banged this for the better part of a decade, so if he says Ryan Seacrest is gay, he must be gay. Or the people I know who used to work on American Idol who said it was basically common knowledge that Seacrest routinely saw penises up close that weren’t his. Or Simon Cowell who constantly made fun of Seacrest’s sexuality during live broadcasts. Or just by looking at Ryan Seacrest.

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John Stamos is Drunk

Warner Bros. sent John Stamos home from an E.R. press tour of Australia yesterday due to the actor’s bizarre and erratic behavior. In a span of two days, Stamos launched a verbal attack on TV writer, Stephen Downie (saying he had a small penis on live television), insinuated that he had sex with Mary-Kate Olsen at his beach house and pronounced his own name wrong. Appearing drunk and disoriented during an interview just one day before, Stamos was a guest on the popular daytime show, Mornings with Kerri-Ann Kennerley, where he appeared…wait for it…drunk and disoriented.

The former Full House heart-throb was obviously disorientated as Kennerley’s guest as part of a promotional tour Down Under in which he has constantly appeared blurry-eyed, tired and disheveled. “It was a bit like he’d perhaps come from a hotel mini-bar in true Hollywood style,” a diplomatic Kennerley said…Stamos himself said he was suffering from crossing time zones in a short space of time. “I came from Greece, Cairo and Japan … and, for whatever reason, I am so jet-lagged here,” he said. This seemed unlikely, as Stamos had been in the country since Thursday.”

This is actually a surprise because I’m almost positive I thought John Stamos was dead. Turns out it’s just his career. Nobody really watches E.R. anymore anyway, so they could probably replace his character with a pelican in a tuxedo and nobody would notice for at least five episodes.

John used to be married to this:


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