Jessica Pare Is Pregnant

It isn’t Don Draper‘s.

As her hit show comes to an end, Jessica Paré is getting ready for a new beginning: She’s pregnant! The Mad Men star is expecting her first child with boyfriend John Kastner, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. The happy news apparently flew under the radar for a while: Last month, Kastner, a musician, posted an Instagram photo of him and Paré, 33, hugging as his 7-year-old daughter Summer Lee proudly wore a T-shirt reading “I’M GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER.”

Despite the fact that Jessica Pare has like 84 teeth, she still manages to be super hot, so naturally some dude was going to get her pregnant at some point. Unfortunately, that dude is a white dude in his 40s with dreadlocks, so there’s a chance this baby could come out looking like something that would hunt Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Central American jungle for sport. But it may also have really huge boobs in 18 years. Who’s to say really.


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Don Draper Is An Idiot

If you don't watch Mad Men, go ahead and skip this post because you probably watch Scandal or The Bachelor meaning you're dumb. That being said, Jessica Pare, who plays Megan Draper, attended the The Paley Center For Media Presents: "Mad Men" Season 5, and as you can see, Don Draper isn't shown in these pictures because he's probably off banging some old dude's wife while his hot wife and her huge boobs are prancing around in a bikini or a French maid outfit. And please don't bring up Game of Thrones since we're talking about great shows on television. Cool dragons and the 2,000 concurrent storylines with 500 characters, bro.

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