Donald Trump Called Jessica Biel Ugly
Donald Trump Called Jessica Biel Ugly

Donald Trump is sorry for the pain he caused Jessica Biel from the media twisting his words by reporting them verbatim or however this will eventually play out or whatever. 


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Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Are Anti-Vaxxers

“Is that camera made of mercury?”

 Rich people are weird.

A friend of the couple claims so, telling In Touch that “Jessica is refusing to vaccinate him. She feels that vaccination could cause complications.” While In Touch reached out to Justin and Jessica’s reps for comment a combined total of nine times over several weeks, the reps received the messages but did not respond…The friend who alleges that Jessica and Justin aren’t vaccinating their son adds: “I’m sure Jessica believes that she’s making the right decision, but hopefully she and Justin will do some more research on this and change their minds.”

All you have to do is read any of Allen West’s or a soccer mom’s Facebook posts to know that no amount of actual facts and science can keep someone from thinking that Obama has a prayer rug in the Oval Office or that 12 hours of labor is the equivalent of a medical degree. Or how somebody like this somehow thinks she’s the world’s subject matter expert on natural immunity. It’s absurd. This comes from In Touch, so feel free to draw your own conclusions on if this is true or not.  But if you happen to see Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s kid, be sure to speak up. Quarantine glass is pretty thick.

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Silas Timberlake Likes His Milk From The Tap
Silas Timberlake Likes His Milk From The Tap


I know this is the first picture of Silas Randall Timberlake and we’re supposed to believe he’s a Memphis Grizzlies’ fan even though his brain and motor skills haven’t been completely formed yet, but there’s one thing we know for sure here: he’s waiting for a titty to pop out. It probably popped out after Justin took 12 pics for Jessica to choose from. Then Silas got a titty and took a nap then a shit because that’s what babies do. They’re like old people, except people visit babies.

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Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Had A Kid

Ten months ago, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had unprotected sex then Timberlake shot semen into her vagina. Due to a 4 billion year old biological function, Timerlake’s sperm then fertilized Biel’s egg and now another human is added to the 7 billion who are already here. Congrats to the couple for such an accomplishment!

It’s official: Justin Timberlake will be passing on his suit and tie. The singer-songwriter and his wife, actress Jessica Biel, have welcomed their first child, son Silas Randall Timberlake, their reps confirm to PEOPLE exclusively. Reps say mom and baby are doing well and dad is “ecstatic.” Further details are not being released at this time.

“Silas Randall” already sounds like a douche who will die on a sidewalk on the Sunset Strip at some point because his album of electric banjo NSYNC covers didn’t sell. Anyway, moving on.

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Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake Have A Restaurant Covered In Human Shit


Pop star ​Justin Timberlake’s Italian restaurant Destino was forced out of business by ruptured plumbing that spewed human waste on the walls, the ​former restaurant partners reveal for the first time in a ​new ​lawsuit against their insurance company. The celebrity-friendly ​eatery, which the “Sexy Back” singer opened in 2006 with two partners at First Avenue and 50th Street, was twice flooded with raw sewage, ​according to the ​the Manhattan civil​ suit filed Tuesday….The insurance company rushed Destino to reopen in November 2013, the suit claims, but a few days after re-launching, a pipe fell from the basement ceiling and drenched a recently stocked food area with sewage, which led to a mold infestation. Reports on the eatery closing down had pegged it to mere flooding problems….The insurer denied Destino’s claims, including $275,000 for repair and unspecified business losses.

This restaurant billed itself as “celebrity-friendly”, and one of the regulars was Bill Cosby, so there’s probably some higher force at work here.

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Jessica Biel Is Also Pregnant

DOWNSIDE: Jessica Biel is pregnant. UPSIDE: Jessica Biel’s ass will get bigger.

A pal close to the 7th Heaven star revealed the exciting news after weeks of feverish speculation and baby bump sightings. “Jessica is at least three months pregnant,” the source said. “And she’s due in April!” A second source revealed that the actress hasn’t had it easy getting pregnant in the past. “Jessica has had tense times in the past when it comes to having a baby, so it is not surprising that she is staying mum on confirming the news publicly yet,” the other insider said.

I was gonna post this “Jessica is pregnant” post before the last “Jessica is pregnant” post, but Radar Online makes you watch a long ass advertisement before you get to cut and paste, because I guess they really need the money, so here’s my “Jessica Biel” is pregnant post finally. But why does this source automatically assume Justin Timberlake is the father? Do they know where I was three months ago? I mean, I’m not one to start rumors. Just sayin.

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Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Dress Alike Now

Since they haven't found a wy for their periods to synch up yet, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are now wearing matching tuxedos to places. Like the premiere of Runner Runner. Now word yet on what color they decided for their toenails.

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Jessica Biel Changed Her Name To Jessica Timberlake

Doing her part to contribute to the evil patriarchy, Jessica Biel has officially changed her name to Jessica Timberlake. Life & Style reports:

Eleven months after marrying Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel has officially taken her man's last name. "It's all official!" a source tells Life & Style. "The paperwork is done and she's now legally Jessica Timberlake."

She'll still be known as Jessica Biel professionally, so this is strictly a proactive move for the eventual divorce proceedings when she states "irreconcilable differences". The only difference after the divorce being is that she'll have a lot more money and an extra check every month. How long must the patriachy grind its boot heel into the faces of our women? How long must we sit back and watch this happen? Diamond engagement rings are an archaic and oppressive symbol of a man's ownership of a woman started by a jewelry company who have the blood of millions of African children on their hands. We should ban them forever to show women that we truly see them as our equal haha lol you bitches got nervous there for a second. Love you!

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