Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Turtle are Humping

Meadow Soprano woke up this morning and got herself a Turtle. Not to be gross, but … okay, yes this is gross, but a friend of ours always says, “I’ve got a peeking turtle!” when he needs to take a dump. For some reason this guy waits until the last second to poop and then waits until it’s skidding and marking to go, and asks where the bathroom is again just so he can dance around laughing with his hand on his chode and say for the hundredth time, “Where’s the bathroom, I’ve got a peeking turtle?!?!” He’s normally funny, but not when he does that.

(The term, peeking turtle, is supposed to make you visualize a turtle’s head creeping from its shell. Get it?)

So anyway, whenever I watch that boring show, Entourage, and hear the name “Turtle” and see this little dude, Jerry Ferrara, I think of my friend and his poop.

Jerry Ferrara and Jamie-Lynn Sigler are dating in real life, by the way:

Photos: Splash

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