Scientology Had a Christmas Party

I have no idea what the drug-addled ramblings of a science-fiction writer about volcanoes and alien battleships have to do with the birth of Jesus, but here are some pictures from the Church of Scientology’s annual Christmas/holiday party. Who knows what the hell this is. They could be in the back boiling kittens in a cauldron for all we know, but Erika Christensen has ridiculously big tits and really should be rescued from all this. Jenna Elfman can stay. She and her husband are brainwashed psychopaths (“Have you ever raped a baby?”) who deserve everything the Scientology Celebrity Centre has to offer. Being shot by its armed guards, for example. How exciting!

Some of the other Scientolobots at the party were: David Carradine, Jason Lee, Anne Archer, Laura Prepon, Ethan Suplee, Jo Anna Garcia (the hot chick from Privileged), and Efren Ramirez (Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite).

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