Jenna Dewan Is Very Attractive

I barely know who Jenna Dewan is, but I think she was in some movie about how dancing can save a rec center or get you out of the hood or something like that. I don’t know, that seems right. But here she is in LA yesterday, and I have to admit, she’s very attractive. I bet somebody who saw her that day probably said the same thing. “I have to admit, that young lady is very attractive,” that person would go on to say.

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House Bunny Premiered Last Night

I rather watch zombies serve my torso at a picnic than see House Bunny, but a lot of hot ass showed up at the premiere last night, and in case you missed it, scouring the Internet for pictures of “hot ass” is kinda my job description. That is, of course, until I can find a way to start getting paid to just think about hot ass. Toddco* has a solid business plan, but apparently potential investors fail to see how masturbating constitutes a core competency. Insolent fools!

* A division of Handsome Industries, Inc.

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