Jayde Nicole Says Happy Thanksgiving, Links

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Joe Francis Had A Gay Wedding

All you really need to know about Joe Francis you can read HERE and HERE, so I wonder if Christina McLarty has a good relationship with her father. I’m gonna take a wild stab and say no. E! Online reports:

Hard to believe but the Girls Gone Wild guy has finally settled down. After spending his bachelor years building his X-rated boobcentric empire, Joe Francis took himself off the market by tying the knot with girlfriend Christina McLarty in a civil ceremony over the weekend, E! News confirms. The couple actually chose to join themselves in a civil domestic partnership because, as Francis previously said, they didn’t feel it was right to get married when their gay and lesbian friends don’t have the same legal rights to do so (so technically they’re not legally husband and wife).

Joe Francis should have been beaten within an inch of his life Max Cady style then buried in a landfill years ago, but now he’s a proponent for gay rights all of a sudden. He’s also a big proponent of giving women rights. To the face. Hahaha, I crack myself up!

Jayde Nicole in a bikini. You can also check out her Playboy pics HERE (NSFW, duh):

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Joe Francis Gone Wild!

On August 27th, Brody Jenner and his girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, claimed that Girl’s Gone Wild founder, Joe Francis, “pulled Jayde’s hair, punched her in the face and threw her to the ground and began kicking her.” Francis adamantly denied these allegations, calling Jayde a liar and that he would be vindicated. I had to look in the dictionary to see if “vindicated” still meant what I thought it did. As it turns out, Joe Francis might have used it wrong.

Jayde Nicole in a bikini. Respect. You can also check out her Playboy pics HERE (NSFW, duh):

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Jayde Nicole, the chick who may or may not have got her ass kicked by Joe Francis was in a bikini at a beach I didn’t bother to look up, because what does it matter? She could be on Mars and telling me that she’s building a time machine out of kicked puppies and I would just nod and do that thing where you put your hand in your pockets and kick the sand with your foot, because who are we kidding? I believe whatever a hot chick tells me.

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This Is Who Joe Francis Beat Up
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I've seen a lot of Lifetime movies, and based on looks alone, most of those women deserved it, but you just cross the line when you stomp on something as hot as a Playboy model. Like Joe Francis did last night. Take a look at these pictures and explain to me why you would ever want to punch anything on this chick besides her uterus.

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None Of It’s Real, But Who Cares?

Above: Lexie Contursi AKA Sexi Lexi at the Valentine’s Day Charity Party for Playmate Jayde Nicole’s “Lengths of Love.”

Jayde, who is dating Sir Douchey Spencer Pratt planned “Lengths of Love” as a charity where Brody and Jayde grow their hair out for a year, then cut it off and donate it to charity.

Great. So some poor cancer patient is going to get hair that was in the page’s of Playboy and hair so gelled to shit that it looks like their hair stood up straight and stayed that way when they were told they had cancer.

Hef is still out partying, which is nice. But it’s sort of like Grandpa telling sex jokes: it’s charming until he whips his dick out.

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