$2 Whore Fight

Let me be very clear when I say I don’t watch Bad Girls Club. That being said, I do watch women fighting, basically anywhere it goes down. Sure, sometimes you pay a $20 cover to ensure that both girls will be in their underwear and covered in pudding, but that’s personal preference.

Amber M and Kayla (I’m assured these are their names) were in a car arguing over a $2 tip left a dinner, when Kayla laid her hands on Amber M leading to a slap-fight in the car that moved out of the car, then back into the car where the standoff ended in a choking match.

If there was ever an argument for naked pudding fights, it’s that the contestants can’t choke each other because of slippery necks. Thus: pudding fight = only reasonable and fair way to settle a disagreement.

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