Everyone On Glee Is A Delight

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Proving once again that she’s the voice of logic and reason when she attaches herself to an issue, Jane Lynch is now blaming you for murder if you buy a puppy. Yep. Crazy bitch. E! Online reports:

The funny lady is urging the USA Network to air a new PETA television PSA during its upcoming coverage of the famed Westminster Dog Show. “Although I played an ambitious dog trainer in Best in Show, in real life I wouldn’t go near the Westminster Dog Show because it promotes the breeding of animals even as millions are dying for homes in shelters,” Lynch writes in a letter to the network. The PSA shows pet owners walking, playing and riding in cars with dogs that are in body bags, representing the “more than 4 million animals who must be euthanized each year because of a lack of good homes,” Lynch also writes. The PSA closes with the question, “If you buy a dog, what will you do with the shelter dog you kill?”

Here’s a better idea: Shut the fuck up. Nobody cares. Just how I don’t need hardcore conservatives telling me how I should live, I don’t need a whining liberal telling me how I should think. If I want a puppy, I’ll buy one. End of story. Why do I need to adopt? Is there a specific reason? No. Just like there’s no reason why you would look for a wife in a strip club. I don’t need some abandoned dog trying to rip my throat out in my sleep because he heard a loud noise. Look, it’s sad that some dogs are treated badly, but you know what, so are actual humans. Let’s worry about them first before we try to find Lady and her new litter a loving home. And if PETA is so concerned about finding homes for these dogs where they won’t suffer and be productive, box them up and send them to Korea.

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Jane Lynch Hates Obama, People Who Disagree With Her

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Yes, because the shattered economy and two unfundable wars are just throw away items, Jane Lynch is bitching that Obama hasn’t made gay rights his main priority. Brace yourself, Todd is about to go on a rant. Huffington Post reports:

The openly gay ‘Glee’ star – married on this past Memorial Day to psychologist Lara Embry – spoke with Dan Savage, founder of the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign, about the state of gay America. And she was not pleased with the President’s progress. “We thought the great hope of Obama was going to magically change all that, and it doesn’t seem to have… He’s just nicely walking the middle,” she says. She then observed that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell did not seem like it would be overturned thanks to John McCain (it was later – on Saturday – voted out by the Senate), and when Savage says, “F**k John McCain,” Lynch concurs: “Yeah, I say it too, to the second power.” Lynch then remarks that she agrees with the premise (but, not specifically the specific case) of Savage’s suspicion that Supreme Court Justice Antonin is gay, saying, “Totally! The next religious person who tells you there’s something wrong with being a homosexual, start the countdown. It’s psychology 101–the people who are the loudest and hate it the most hate something in themselves.”

First, Obama is a politician. He said what he needed to say to get elected, now he’ll do what he needs to do to get reelected. End of story. Admittedly, I’m an asshole who makes fun of everyone, including gays. However, I believe homosexuals should have the same rights as everyone else, because it isn’t a moral issue, it’s a civil liberties issue. Now that’s out of the way, could you shut the fuck up about it? I’d appreciate it. Gay rights are really the only thing that matters to homosexuals, and if you disagree with them, you secretly want to be gay. How does that work? If you find pedophilia disgusting, do you secretly want to rape kids? If you’re against the senseless torturing of animals, do you secretly want to hook up a kitten to a car battery? No. Only when you say homosexuality might be gross does this logic apply. Lady Gaga panders to her gay fans because she knows that’s the only way she’ll sell records. Perez Hilton pretends he’s being burned at the stake when “gay bullying” is mentioned now, but why not ask Lance Bass how he feels about Perez’s sudden sanctimonious stance? Perez Hilton spent his entire career viciously outing people until some kids killed themselves, then he turned all pious. Fuck you. You aren’t Rosa Parks, you aren’t living in Darfur, you don’t live in the 9th ward, so stop throwing a hissy fit when you can’t get everything you want the second you want it. Change the wording and the agenda, and quotes from gay rights activists sound exactly like quotes from religious fanatics. Just because you see yourself as some enlightened liberal, doesn’t make you sound like any less of a hypocritical jackass. I’m hungry now. Grabbing a taco. Brb.

Note: My cousin’s daughter had to change schools last year because she was harassed and teased incessantly for being overweight and not being able to afford designer shoes. The leader? A gay dude named Tommy. So please, let’s cut the bullshit.

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