Other Things That Distract Mickey Rourke? These Links

If the British will flash Mickey Rourke‘s damaged mug, I best buy a plane ticket. [BadAndUgly]

You know who was at The Reader premiere? Kate Winslet. Who is naked in it. [LaineyGossip]

Liv Tyler has nice legs. Face questionable, legs nice. Site NSFW [DrunkenStepfather]

Miranda Kerr‘s legs are almost the right size to reach underneath my fridge and get those cookies that fell behind it. If she can grab cookies with her toes, that is. [SocialiteLife]

Allure has hotness Isla Fisher on it’s pages. [Egotastic]

Michel Phelps takes a good bong pic, but who celeb pot smoking sometimes boils down to the classic apple, right Charlize? [CityRag]

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Isla Fisher Is Pretty Alluring

Isla Fisher, who probably grabbed your attention in Wedding Crashers and – if you have ovaries – will probably recapture your attention in this years Confessions of A Shopaholic will be on the cover of the newest Allure.

She’s been dating Sacha Baron Cohen and the two have a child, which means marriage is probably on its way. But for a post-baby body, you can’t do much better than Fisher. She’s so hot you can keep her at the foot of your bed to warm your feet in the winter.

She has to be alive to do that, so it’s technically slavery not kidnapping.

Check out Allure.com if you want to see some behind-the-scenes photos of this shoot. Or don’t, see if I care.

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