Coco is Almost Naked Again

Halloween is Coco’s Christmas mostly because she gets to dress up in something that will show off her ass. To be honest, I don’t know why she doesn’t go naked for Halloween. Not because I wouldn’t want to see it. I would. But I’d rather not think the 6 year old Chinese kid who made this costume worked all that time just so Ice-T could ejaculate on it.

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Banner pic: Ice-T and almost clothed Coco at the Directors Guild of America Honors last night.

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I Link Legend

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Coco and Ice-T at the I Am Legend premiere on December 11th:

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Coco Has a Costume

The pictures are only going up because Coco has a gigantic ass. Her costume really isn’t a surprise, because most of Coco’s wardrobe choices revolve around her ass. So, a french maid outfit with the ass cut out seems about right. It was either that or her naked shining a flashlight on her ass.

These might be NSFW:

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Ice-T and CoCo are Wading

When I was a kid, Ice-T scared me because he looked like he would break into my house and kill me. But according to these pictures, the last thing he’s broken into recently was a Dunkin’ Donuts. I could say something about his Penny Hardaway jersey, but I’m too busy trying figure out why CoCo’s face looks like a pumpkin. Is it supposed to be orange? She’s built like a comic book warrior princess, so maybe it’s something specific to her tribe. Amazon warriors from outer space tend to take that stuff kinda seriously.

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