Hilary Clinton Is Comfortable With Her Lead

I’m sure if the Benghazi Committee has just one more hearing they’ll get to the bottom of it, but in the meantime, Hilary Clinton continues to be invincible to the point where she doesn’t even care if she takes a selfie with Katy Perry. It’s cool to see women like this support each other. Katy Perry turned 31 yesterday so they’re basically the same age in their respective fields.

There was another selfie where they both looked possessed, but I’ll posted this pictures of Emily Sears at the Maxim Halloween party instead. She’s from Australia, so maybe Hilary can ask her about gun laws. Also, where my Bernie Sanders CNN debate truthers at?

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This Is Worse Than Benghazi

While the fuckery of the GOP Debate was going on last night, Hilary Clinton posed for pictures with two of America’s most prominent job creators who need to do a better job of not shipping those jobs to China. I mean, she took selfies with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian, because why not? She could take a selfie while holding the severed head of a lion with an aborted baby in it’s mouth. Next to her could be a Mexican who is still wet holding up the dead baby’s Social Security card and a thumbs up, and she’d still beat anybody who stood up there last night by 250 electoral votes. Why? You watched it last night, right? Oh, I also included Scott Walker’s reaction to this post below.


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