Heather Mills is Evil

Sara Tumble, a former nanny for Heather Mills’ daughter, Breatrice, is suing Mills claiming sex discrimination and intimidation. In her suit, Tumble claims Mills forced her to give her naked spray tans and insist that Tumble arrived at work at 7:30am to blow dry Mills’ hair. However, a video (above) has hit YouTube under mysterious circumstances that shows Sara Tumble singing the praises of Heather Mills. Why would she be filmed doing this yet is now suing her? Because the only thing missing from this video is a blindfold and a terrorists’ list of demands. The Sun reports:

But a close friend of Trumble told a newspaper the 24-year-old is unhappy with the leaked footage, called Sara Trumble: My Story. The source said: “Sara is absolutely fuming about that video. All Heather’s staff are ordered to film a 15-minute interview when they join, saying what a wonderful woman she is and how evil the newspapers are. Sara agreed to do it, and didn’t think much about it. Heather must have hours of footage of all her staff at home. A few seconds of footage from Sara’s interview was stuck together with pictures of the story about her court case, to make it look like she’s being interviewed today. Heather was in the room when Sara was filmed.”

Of course Heather Mills planted this, because that’s what narcissistic megalomaniacs do. I swear, when Heather Mills finally dies it’ll be because she was flying to close to the sun.

Here’s a half-naked Kelly Brook instead of Heather Mills because I realized I was looking for pictures of a ugly British bitch with one leg. I hope you’re okay with that:

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Heather Mills is Complaining

Despite only being married to Paul McCartney for four years, Heather Mills was awarded $46.5 million and an additional $70,000 for her daughter’s “expenses” in court yesterday. This is a far cry from the $250 million she was demanding, and less than the $100 million settlement she and Paul had mutually agreed upon. However, McCartney’s lawyer, Fiona Shackleton (who represented Prince Charles), talked him out of it and urged him to let a judge decide. He did and the gamble paid off. Mills’ response after the ruling? Throwing a glass of water at Shackleton’s head and a 12-minute rant outside the High Court because she felt she didn’t get enough money. The Daily Mail reports:

Miss Mills threw water over her former husband’s lawyer and then laughingly announced that she had been “baptised in court.”

Awww, poor Heather:

A close friend said that in private she was devastated about being awarded so little. “In court it is clear that she just got too cocky. “The worst thing she could have done was represent herself. On quite a few occasions, Heather was just too brusque with the judge and would talk over him. High Court judges don’t take kindly to being ranted at. Heather just came across as incredibly greedy.”

In 1993, Heather Mills was hit by a police motorcycle while crossing the street. The damage to her left leg was so severe, it had to be amputated below the knee. Nine years later she married Paul McCartney. They had one daughter. Today she has $50 million. All this must be some kind of puzzle or one of those optical illusion paintings you have to stare at, because I’m having a hard time finding where I should feel sorry for this bitch.

Heather in November 2007 telling people what not to eat:

Photos: Reuters, Splash

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Heather Mills McLinky

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Topical (NSFW) nudity:

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Heather Mills McCartney is a Porn Star

Heather Mills, the one-legged gold-digger who Paul McCartney was dumb enough to marry without a prenup, is playing down her past.

Across the pages of the smutty mag, pouting Heather boasts: “I’m gonna drive you crazy with my body…”. Yet just a month ago, the estranged wife of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney had the front to go on GMTV and rant hysterically that newspaper stories of her porn past were untrue.

Heather, 39, cried crocodile tears and said: “They eliminate the whole 20 years of my life of campaigning and put in things like ‘hardcore porn queen’.” She dismissed her top shelf career as “glamour modelling.”

So porn is “glamour modelling” now? With that in mind, I can only assume wearing your underwear inside out is “doing the laundry,” farting in someone’s face is “CPR,” and masturbation is “ethnic cleansing.” Okay, I’m not sure that last one made sense, but I rule, so… yay me.

Heather’s glamour modelling:


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