Lookin’ Good, Goldie

Here’s Goldie Hawn leaving the private launch party for The Hawn Foundation in London last night, and if you ever wondered if Goldie Hawn was the type of chick who gets piss drunk at her own charity event, I’m glad I’ve been able to solve that mystery for you.

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Grandma Almost Nip-Slips Us

Goldie Hawn was out on the town in New York last night with Liv Tyler and (eventually) her daughter, Kate Hudson. The two attended a party held by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe in New York City’s Grammercy Park Hotel. When Goldie was getting in her car after the evening was winding down, she almost blinded me by popping out of her dress, liver-spotted fun bags and all.

When I found these pictures this morning, I winced and moved a trash can closer to my desk in case I was about to be forced to star at old, Goldie Hawn nipple.

I’m sure the woman is fantastic, but if I wanted to see her naked, I would have killed Kurt Russel by now.

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