Gillian Chung is a Porn Star

Long story short, Chinese singer/actress Gillian Chung had some nude photos of her leaked online that has sparked a sex scandal in Hong Kong. The photos include her boyfriend, and fellow Hong Kong celebrity, Edison Chen, engaging in oral sex. Also during this time, “suggestive” images of six other Chinese celebrities have been posted online. Reuters reports:

Chung, 27, previously known for her squeaky-clean image, made her eagerly awaited statement before a mass of reporters and video cameras flanked by Charlene Choi, her singing partner in the female pop duo “Twins”. “I admit that I was naive and very silly, but I’ve grown up now,” Chung said, without explicitly saying she was in the photos. “I want to thank my company, family and friends for their concern,” she said in her first public comments since the nude images trickled onto the Internet a fortnight ago.”

“Scandal” must translate into something different in Mandarin, because the only thing that’s shocking to me is the horror that’s going on in between this chick’s legs. She’s 27, so if my calculations are right, they stopped selling razors or wax in China sometime around 1997. Either that or she’s giving birth to a Panda. And although that might be good news to the Panda population in the area, I’m struggling to understand how they expect me to masturbate to this.

Here are are several from the set. Click thumbnails for larger, very NSFW photos:

Unedited version of the “blowjob” shot here.

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