Miley Cyrus Pissed Off ‘Fuller House’ Fans, Wants To Bang Hilary Duff

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So I watched the first episode of Fuller House because I felt like I had to and the laugh track didn’t help. So that was that. Good talk. Anyway, since Full House, Jodie Sweetin has been married four times and was super into meth and crack. I guess this is what Miley Cyrus was referencing. The comments on this post are pretty much what you expect, so hopefully Sweetin doesn’t buy a giant crack rock after Fuller House ends with her Fuller House check. Hopefully she doesn’t. And hopefully I’ve typed Fuller House enough times in this post for SEO purposes.

Also on her Instagram, Miley Cyrus said she wants to bang Hilary Duff then go get pizza. I mean, who wouldn’t? I’d bang Hillary Duff while eating pizza. I’m busy and still have a lot of shit to unpack, so I’d need to finish off both pretty quick. She’d just have to get on top. And I’d still have a free hand, so I don’t foresee any issues there.  


Id swipe right fo sho #letsgetpizza

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