Publink Enemy

Dina Lohan is a fugly cunt [City Rag]
Posh Spice loves Pink Taco [Dlisted]
Jessica Simpson has a shitty new song [Hollywood Tuna]
Nicole Richie is an ugly, anorexic twig again [Just Jared]
Pamela Anderson spreads her legs again (NSFW site) [Taxi Driver Movie]
Scary Spice gets her ass groped (NSFW ads) [Drunken Stepfather]
Amy Winehouse is using diapers [Hollywood Rag]
Rachel Bilson is a mama’s girl [Popsugar]
Tori Spelling is Donna Martin [ASL]
Battlestar Galactica girls photoshoot [Egotastic]
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull [Pajiba]

Public Enemy performing in Manchester, UK on May 27th:

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Deelishis is Working It

Anyone remember “Deelishis” (a.k.a. “London Charles”) from Flavor of Love? She was Flav’s second fake ass, made for t.v. girlfriend. Anyway, she’s trying to be a designer and sell some swap meet jeans and a swap meet soundtrack. Have a look-see, why don’t you… Flav
Uploaded by IDLYITWdotcom

Good times. She’s almost as fun to watch as the hoochies who jiggle every body part next to the turntables in the average Mike Jones or Paul Wall video, and by “fun” I mean “what the haunted kids go through every time they see Pennywise the Dancing Clown.”

Here she is topless. Yeah, it only gets better. (NSFW):

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