Elle Fanning In A Sports Bra

I’m not sure if Elle Fanning ate Dakota Fanning and consumed her power or casting directors realized Elle Fanning is the less weird-looking Fanning or what, but all I’m saying is we haven’t seen Dakota in anything for a while. That seems like a good thing. Maybe Elle Fanning in workout clothes is a good thing. I don’t know. She’s painfully white. Maybe one of you like jacking off to ghosts. I’m here to help. I stand with you.

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Elle Fanning Does That Barre Thing

I really didn’t understand Neon Demon, because I thought Bella Heathcote should’ve been the lead for the story to make more sense, and it was kinda just Starry Eyes with a better director and worst script. Now that I’ve gotten being an insufferable snob out of the way first thing this morning, here’s Neon Demon‘s Elle Fanning leaving a ballet barre class. If you’re not familiar with ballet barre, it is a sacred temple for basics where white girls who can’t find their best selfie light in a regular gym. Also, we can all appreciate Elle’s thick legs. That’s one good thing about girls from Georgia. 

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Here’s Elle Fanning In Yoga Pants

Whatever happened to Dakota Fanning? She was weird. Maybe she died or something. Anyway, here’s her younger sister Elle Fanning in yoga pants going to a dance class in Hollywood. It doesn’t say what kind of dance class, so I’ll leave that up to you and whatever you’re in to right now. 

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Elle Fanning Is Transgendered

Dakota Fanning was this super talented kid actress then she got all weird and kind of annoying, but mostly she got weird looking. Then her little sister Elle came along in I Am Sam, and was pretty good, then she grew and was in more movies and got kinda hot. *Googles her age*. Strike that last part. It’s 7am and I haven’t been to sleep yet. I was thinking about Nevada Fanning, their much, much older than 18 sister. I just made that up. Fuck. Anyway, Elle Fanning is shooting a movie right now called Third Generations where she plays a transgendered teen with red hair. This is goo, because transgendered teens with red hair aren’t accurately represented in the media because there’s like five of them I think.

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