Eli Roth Is Subtle

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Eli Roth makes torture porn movies and Selena Gomez ‘s vagina probably sounds like the Snuggle Bear when you lick it, but they had ice cream together where Roth stared at her rack the whole time. I can understand that. Sitting next to Selena Gomez while she slowly puts white stuff in her mouth would be something to save for later I bet.

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Eli Roth Has a Big Devil-Dick

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In a photoshoot for the upcoming book, Guts: The Art of Marketing Horror Films, Hostel: Part II director Eli Roth poses with a 24-inch prosthetic penis for some reason that I don’t really want to know. Author Tim Palen, a Lionsgate marketing exec and a part-time photographer, says:

It’s called Eli Roth Has the Biggest Dick in Hollywood. It’s a double-page spread in the book…I had K.N.B. Effects build it for me. I said, “I want a 24-inch devil-dick for Eli Roth.” They did the effects for Hostel. And Narnia.”

I’m not sure how posing with a giant penis is going to make me go see your movie about American girls getting tortured and killed, but whatever. I’d be more concerned about lawsuits after you claim that “Eli Roth has the biggest dick in Hollywood,” when it’s widely known that Jake Gyllenhaal does. He just likes to keep it in his ass.

Click thumbnail for the larger (NSFW) version:

Thanks to Adam and Courtney for the heads up!

Source: NYMag.com

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