Edward Norton is Pouting

Being true to the threats he made while filming, Edward Norton is being a whiny little bitch and is refusing to participate in promoting The Incredible Hulk. Now without any other recourse, Marvel Studios is putting secret plot details and cameos in the trailers to get audiences to see the film. FOX News reports:

…Norton fell out with Marvel and Universal and declined to do much publicity. This left the bulk of it to co-star Liv Tyler. Interestingly, Norton is not signed to do the typical two sequels to this “Hulk,” although Tyler is and so, I’m told, is director Louis Leterrier. The reason for Norton holding out is likely a money issue….Universal is using Robert Downey Jr.’s surprise appearance in “Hulk” as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in their TV commercials. Downey’s presence was supposed to be a big twist at the end…But I guess that Marvel and Universal want to capitalize on “Iron Man”‘s huge box office.”

Not to get lost in all this is the fact that this is a movie about a man who turns into a ferocious green giant when he gets angry. Much unlike Edward Norton, who apparently turns into a three year old who dropped his ice cream cone.

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Edward Norton is a Jackass

Despite having only starred in three decent movies and looking like a child molester, Edward Norton somehow thinks he can do no wrong and has quickly gained the reputation of being one of the most intolerable actors in Hollywood. So, of course several sources have reported tension between Edward Norton and Marvel over the final cut of The Incredible Hulk. Norton has allegedly tried to take complete control over the film and has threatened not to promote it unless Marvel fails to acquiesce to his demands. Page Six says:

The temperamental star’s rep denied any serious friction, insisting: “Edward was brought on board by Marvel as a producer, screenwriter and actor, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he has a lot of creative input into the postproduction process. His deal was for all three, and he takes those roles seriously.” She would not elaborate on Norton’s issues. The Oscar-nominated actor has a reputation for being difficult. Tony Kaye, who directed him in “American History X,” charged that Norton reedited the flick to give himself more screen time. And screenwriter/director Joe Eszterhas cmhere2once cracked: “You don’t want Edward Norton to star in your movie. He now rewrites all the scripts he agrees to act in.”

There were also reports that while filming Red Dragon, Norton showed up on the set with new script pages he wrote for himself and Anthony Hopkins that led to fighting with the director. And although Norton has been given screenwriting credit for Hulk, it is widely assumed that Zak Penn wrote the script and Norton basically just changed some stuff around. Just like what doctors will most likely have to do since Edward Norton was just named “Actor Most Likely To Get a Baseball Bat to the Spine.” What an achievement!

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