The Cannes Film Festival Started

All the pretty people and Lana del Ray are at the Cannes Film Festival right now. Why that girl keeps getting invited to things like this I will never know. Anyway, here’s a bunch of pictures of people who are hotter and more successful than you will ever be in clothes that probably cost more than your car, because you know you love that kind of thing.

Note: I am 99% sure Todd is alive and will be back soon.

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Inglourious Basterds Killed

As you might have already guessed, Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds kicked ass at the box office this weekend, raking in $65M. Variety reports:

Quentin Tarantino‚Äôs WWII tale “Inglourious Basterds” conquered the worldwide B.O., which was welcome news for the Weinstein Co. and Universal as the pic opened to an impressive $37.6 million domestically and $27.1 million more overseas. Pic marks a key win that could yield a new franchise for TWC and Universal Pictures Intl., who are 50-50 partners on “Basterds.” The timing is good for both companies. Investors have been putting pressure on TWC to shore up its financials, while U has sustained a series of box office disappointments. Worldwide opening of $65.1 million makes “Basterds” anything but.

Say what you want about Tarantino, but he makes movies people want to see. And that’s really kinda the point. Look, I’m sorry your movie about the lesbian Eskimo and her paraplegic gay friend fighting poverty and intolerance in their mobile home park or whatever people go see to seem smart didn’t make this list, but they should have thought about that when the script didn’t mention exploding Nazis.

Diane Kruger at the NYC screening of Inglourious Basterds. I’d hit it:

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Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger?

Brad Pitt is in Berlin right now filming Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, and Star Magazine is reporting that Angelina Jolie is worried. Namely, because Basterds stars Diane Kruger. The same Diane Kruger that reportedly really, really wants to have sex with Brad Pit.

“Brad shared a connection with beautiful blonde Diane when she played Helen in his 2004 epic, Troy. “I have lots of scenes with him,” Diane gushed to a German newspaper about working together again. “Troy was my first international film, and I was still married back then. I’m excited to work with Brad.” Diane made sure Brad knew just how excited she was during their night out, says a source. “She kept putting her arm around Brad’s neck to whisper something in his ear because it was so loud. He was clearly charmed by her, and Diane definitely looks smitten. She’s thrilled to be around him again.” Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston, who was married to Brad when he costarred in Troy with Diane, was always jealous of Diane, sources say, so Angelina’s predicament is a small victory. “Jen would absolutely love it if Angie got a taste of her own medicine and hasn’t been shy about letting everyone know,” says an insider. “Jen didn’t trust Diane when she worked with Brad, and now she’s happy that Angelina knows how it feels. For her it would be the sweetest karma!”

Diane Kruger is currently dating Joshua Jackson, so I could see how she’d be all up on Brad Pitt. Pitt is an A-list movie star with an insanely hot wife, Joshua Jackson was once arrested for being a drunk ass at a Hurricanes game and is a fourth alternate to play a dead guy on Ghost Whisperer. I bet whenever Diane Kruger sees Brad Pitt on television, her vagina puts on a beer hat and waves around a big #1 foam finger.

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