Devon Akoi Doesn’t Like The Cold

Devon Akoi, a model who started her career at 13, thanks to her connection through her godmother to “it” model of the time, Kate Moss, is at Sundance for some reason. She was the little Asian, killer prostitute in the whore town in Sin City, in case you were wondering why she’s interested in movies.

All I really know from looking at these pictures is that Devon Akoi doesn’t lok to be having the best time in Sundance. Maybe it’s not the whore town she’s used to.

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Cisco Adler is Smooth

Being a big huge star like Cisco Adler has many advantages. Advantages like being invited to the best parties, doing the best drugs, and your pick of hot chicks. Life can be a dream. Just like last night, when Adler ran into Sin City actress, Devon Aoki, outside of the L.A. restaurant, Villa. While he was leaving he asked her, “Do you guys wanna come?” Her reply? “Hahaha, no.” Score. There’s no doubt that she’s seen these (NSFW), so she’s probably playing hard to get. Or not. It’s probably safe to assume that Cisco Adler could be caught in bed with a dead boy dressed up like Harry Potter and it would still only be the second most embarrassing thing that’s happened to him this week.

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