We Have A Winner

Congrats to Kevin from Pinellas Park, FL for winning the autographed copy of the kick ass Wake Up!. I have no idea where Pinellas Park, FL is, but apparently someone there appreciates great music when they hear it. Unlike that Quincy Jones guy, what was his deal? Five singing brothers?! C’mom man, that’ll never work.

From Kevin:

Thank you so much!!!! I check your site everyday, so keep up the laughs and good news and I guess the hot babes..haha..If you get a chance, tell John I’m a big fan, love him by himself, with the Roots, and with Kanye.

Of course, this post involves gratuitous Christine Teigen. Despite the fact that she makes fun of my Native sensitivity and refuses to help me stalk Kate Upton, she is insanely beautiful, cool as hell, and way funnier than I am. I guess what I’m saying is fuck you, John Legend! (Haha, I kid! I kid! John Legend is my life coach).

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CNN Heroes 2010 Happened

The actual heroes CNN saluted were all pretty unattractive, but the guests were decent.

In Jessica Alba‘s case, extremely bangin’. I hear she’s a hero to screenwriters everywhere.

Annalynne McCord looks like the Crypt Keeper, but she’s a PR hero for convincing the brass on 90210 that she’s the hot breakout star.

Demi Moore is a hero for cougars and plastic surgeons:

Emmy Rossum is a hero for girls who want to stay relevant by dating and dumping trolls.

John Legend and his lady, Christy Teigen, are heroes because she tweets us and he reads us.

I don’t know who Shay Mitchell is, so I’ll say she’s a hero because she’s Mulan:

And as for the banner picture, Gerard Butler is a hero for Sparta. And for my vagina.

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