Adrianne Curry Is Single

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You ever had what should have been a one night stand that turned into a five-year relationship/marriage that ended badly? Yeah, Christopher Knight, 52, and Adrianne Curry, 28, do. E! reports:

“After starting a relationship with what seemed to be irreconcilable differences, the couple has reached a period where those differences are no longer appreciated,” the couple’s manager, Phil Viardo, told the website Hollyscoop. “The decision was mutually reached after it became clear to both that some perspective was needed in order to assess their unique union. Not unlike all marriages, work must be put in.” And there was more. “Obvious to both Knight and Curry was that their marriage would require more effort then a garden-variety relationship,” Viardo went on. “They are taking time to see if they want to continue to put in that extraordinary effort. The couple has mutually determined that they are at a place where moving forward will require a step back. They still love one another but need some distance to consider their future.”

In a interview on the Howard Stern Show on May 12, Curry basically said the relationship was over.

“I might be a little out but he’s trying to get back in…we’ve had a lot of distance lately.” And that wasn’t all. “My big joke now is, ‘I’m Mrs. Knight the third and probably not the last,” added Curry, 28. “You know, cause I always tell him, ‘I understand, now, why they left you.’ And I understand why we’re together. Because it’s very—it would be very hard for [other] people to put up with us…I frustrate him to the point where he’s smashing his face into walls.”

I actually kinda feel bad for Adrianne Curry because she was born a super Star Wars and video game dork in the body of what you see in the banner picture, so that must be hard trying to reconcile everyday. She wants people to see how cool and down-to-earth she is, when in reality, she could walk around with kitten’s heads as a necklace and say a mailbox was responsible for 9/11 and guys would just smile and nod because they just want to fuck her. And as for Knight, I can see how it would be hard to see your wife tweet pics of everything except her ovaries on a daily basis. Wow. I think I put way too much thought into this. Just like I do my outfits. Because not everything can compliment my deep brown eyes of mystery.

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Adrianne Curry Boycotts BET, Black History Month

With the racial issues of today such as “Jena Six” and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to Columbia University fueling America’s never ending race fire, it’s refreshing to see those who are willing to stand and fight for racial equality and justice. People like Adrianne Curry. People like Adrianne Curry who post on their Myspace blogs that we should boycott Black History Month and BET. I’m gonna take a wild stab and say she had drunk courage. She says:

This is gonna be hard guys. I LOVE the comedians on BET. I also LOVE the fact that they play my favorite show of all time, In Living Color. However, I do not believe in seperating ANY RACE in America. WE ARE AMERICANS! How dare we have Black History Month!…Yes, I get it. Black people were slaves here once. You know what? That does suck some major balls, however, it is time to move the fuck on. Do we hear the Jews crying that they were made slaves for thousands of years? Do we hear them whine that they should OWN the pyramids in Egypt because THEY broke their backs making them? Do we hear them bitch and moan about Hitler, etc? (my hubby is a Jew)Nope, we dont. It’s time for us to UNITE AS ONE. I do not think that singling out one race, giving one race opportunities to go to college (I know a TON of poor white.asian, indian, american indian, etc etc that could use that too!), giving one race the EXCUSE to blame things on others for being whatever nationality they are, is a good way at making sure we NEVER kill racism…”

Read the entire blog entry here, and Adrianne’s follow-up to that blog here.

Wow, I’m not really sure what to say here. I mean she makes some good points, but if I had to guess, I’d say she probably just recently got served. Man, I hate it when that happens. Just wait until next time, mister. I’ve almost got this Electric Slide thing down.

Adrianne promoting last year’s Lingerie Bowl:

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