Bella Thorne Is A Savage

Instagram told me three months ago that Bella Thorne was dating Tyler Posey, but three days ago she tweeted this.

Apparently a year is two days, because she’s been all over some dude named Charlie Puth. I had to Google him too and he looks like a dork and his songs are wack.

Bella Thorne and Charlie Puth don’t need no stinking mistletoe to pack on the PDA — they were all over each other in Miami. They’ve been flirting heavily on social media for months, and finally decided to go public Sunday on the beach. Looks like tops were optional, but those latex knee-highs on Bella should be required.

Charlie Puth also banged Selena Gomez at some point? Maybe that’s why she went to rehab. I don’t know. Congrats to Charlie either way. He’s living his best life. Also, Tyler Posey probably wishes he could turn into an actual werewolf right about now. I feel that joke was lame. Hey look, it’s pictures of Bella Thorne wearing a shirt wear you can see half her boob! Look at those instead. Leave me alone.

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