Former Miss America Contestant Cara McCollum Died A Week After Her Car Crash

Since 2016 will eventually take us all, 2013 Miss New Jersey and former Miss America contestant, Cara McCollum, died a week after driving too fast on some wet roads then slamming into some trees. She was 24. 

McCollum, a former Miss New Jersey, was critically injured after her car spun off a New Jersey highway and crashed into trees. She died at Cooper University Hospital, Frank DiMauro, the chief operating officer of the TV station where she worked, told the Associated Press. McCollum was traveling alone and not wearing a seatbelt when her Mustang veered off the road in Salem County and struck a tree, spun and hit two more trees. State police said it appeared McCollum was driving too fast for the wet road conditions.

Cara McCollum was a former Miss New Jersey, so they could have realistically left the whole “her Mustang” part out and we would could have just assumed she had a Mustang. Anyway, don’t drive fast when the roads are wet and there are trees nearby. 

Let’s pretend I didn’t just go through a dead woman’s Instagram or found this story on Google Trends.