Porn Thinks Lindsay Lohan Is Too Unreliable For Porn

The downward spiral of Lindsay Lohan's career can only end with her getting plowed on a tarp in Mexico then buried in the desert, but even the porn industry says, ironically, that she'd be too much of a pain in the ass to ever succeed in porn. Take it away, porn star chick, Brookly Lee:

“Obviously, she would be extremely popular, if only for the spectacle of it all. However, If she can’t manage to roll her a** to set to make a couple million dollars shooting a mainstream movie, she certainly wouldn’t bother to show up to be paid a few thousand for a sex scene". Of Lindsay, Brooklyn said she’s “also heard she’s a terror to work with” — likely from her Behind the Green Door co-star James Deen, who’s publicly questioned LiLo’s professionalism after co-starring with her in this summer’s The Canyons. While she might not have what it takes for the San Fernando Valley grind, Brooklyn said she thinks Lindsay could still cash in with a one-off sex tape, in the vein of Farrah Abraham, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. “A sex tape would be a different story altogether, though,” she said. “I vote ‘Yes’ on that. I don’t think her career could get much worse. She should definitely consider giving Steven Hirsch at Vivid a call. “Not hatin’, just sayin’.”

Let's not kid ourselves, we'd all watch a Lindsay Lohan sex tape, and when it leaked online, it would break the Internet. It would break it, then send it into a vortex to another dimension that would open a door for aliens to come through and colonize us. So, yeah, I'd watch it.


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