Awww, You Poor Thing

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In 2008, Brett Favre sent then New York Jets employee, Jenn Sterger, pics of his junk then asked her to fingerbang herself on video then send to him. No big deal. But it upset her so badly that she waited two years to mention this to the NFL and withheld evidence to back up her claims because she thought Favre would give her a cash settlement. He didn’t. Then the NFL told her to fuck off. Now she’s basically blacklisted and just wants to move on with her life and get a new job. Oops! Radar Online reports:

Jenn Sterger, the ex-New York Jets sideline reporter who was reportedly the target of Brett Favre’s sexting indiscretions, told Good Morning America on Monday that she wants her old life back, free of the notoriety that’s plagued her since the scandal broke last year. Sterger, 27, said she’s been unable to go back to work and be herself in the wake of the scandal, in which the married father-of-two reportedly sent pictures of his genitalia, racy text messages and leering voice mails during his 2008 stint on the Jets. Sterger broke her silence to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos after months of laying low, saying her life has been gloomy since her interactions with the three-time league MVP made national headlines. “I just want my life back,” Sterger told Stephanopoulos. “That’s all I’m asking for.”…”I haven’t made a dime off anything in this whole situation. Not from the pictures. Not from Favre. I never wanted to sue anyone. That was never an intention of mine,” she said. “I’m not a gold-digger — the only way I wanted to make my money this whole time was to just have a job.” Sterger claims that the incident has impacted her professionally, as well. “You know, I was trying to go to work. Do my job,” Sterger said. “But how are you supposed to report on the news when you are the news? It was tough. It was embarrassing. It was humiliating. “All I wanted to do was go to work. Do my job. That’s all I wanted.”

There’s a million pics of this chick online with her tits in various forms of naked, so who would possibly think that this poor working woman would set up the NFL’s golden boy for a quick cash grab? Well, everyone as it turns out. She’s an attention whore whose plan backfired now she’s humiliated with no prospects of being associated with a professional sports team unless the NFL Network happens to be on a big screen behind the bar while she’s doing lapdances. You guys know how much I hate to sound sexist, but if you have to preface a statement with “I’m not a gold-digger”, guess what? You’re a gold-digger. Like when I say, “I’m by no means a Sith Lord who has mastered the art of cunnilingus, but would you happen to have these jeans in a 30/32?” C’mon, you don’t say stuff like that unless it’s actually true.

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Favre Asked Jenn Sterger To Masturbate. On Video.

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This almost makes up for him showing his penis while wearing Crocs. Almost. TMZ reports:

The former NY Jets employee who allegedly received penis photos from Brett Favre also claims she got a text message from the NFL legend … in which he asks her for a video of her masturbating — this according to sources connected to the investigation. We’re told Jenn Sterger received the sextual request back in late 2008 — months after Favre allegedly sexted over the pics of little Brett. It’s unclear if Sterger has turned over the video request text message to the NFL — which is currently investigating Favre to see if he violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

Say what you want about Brett Favre, but the man seriously just does not give a fuck. Throw a fade route into double coverage off his back foot? Why not? Ask a chick who works in his building to film herself knuckle deep in her vagina? What are we waiting for? So let’s not pretend we’re all shocked. If Brett Favre asked her to film herself scrapbooking I’d be more concerned.

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Brett Favre Is The New Tiger Woods

Today is Brett Favre’s birthday, but I kind of doubt that his wife woke him up with a bj and a plate of pancakes to celebrate this year. Well I guess since this is Brett Favre we are talking about, waffles would probably be the more appropriate breakfast choice. According to the New York Post:

The gridiron granddaddy, who allegedly sent a flurry of lustful texts to sultry former Gang Green sideline reporter Jennifer Sterger, tried the same pattern with a team masseuse, the woman claims. The married massage therapist, who does not want to be identified by name, was working part-time for the Jets during training camp in 2008 when she caught Favre’s eye. She had been kneading one of the quarterback’s teammates when Favre, being rubbed down by one of her colleagues, shot her a glance, she said. “He was looking at me like I was a hanging slab of meat,” the woman told The Post.
The woman confessed to her husband immediately about the unwanted flurry of attention. But the star quarterback allegedly contacted her the next day — the first in a seamy stream of phone calls, “e-mails and texts from Favre saying, ‘Why don’t you and your friend come over . . . I have all these bad intentions. ” according to her furious husband. “I called Favre back myself,” the hubby said. “I was looking for an apology.” But he didn’t get one. “I feel like this guy tried to screw my [expletive] family,” the husband said. “He’s a [expletive] scumbag.” A Jets source confirmed the two women were among 17 people hired to massage Jets players over two days of their 2008 training camp at Hofstra University. Their names were passed along to the NFL. The revelations come as now-Minnesota Viking signal caller Favre is undergoing a league probe into claims he sent the sultry Sterger — who conducted interviews with celebs and did promotions for the Jets — lewd photos and messages.
Sterger, 26, a Playboy and Maxim pin-up girl who currently works as co-host of the cable sports roundup show “The Daily Line,” gave the gray-haired hurler the cold shoulder and scorned his persistent advances, according to
Favre risks being disciplined for personal-conduct violations if the probe finds that he crossed boundaries by trying to charm Sterger, according to a league source.


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