Bret Lockett Was Confused

Bret Lockett stands by his story of having a Weiner-style affair with Kim Kardashian, but admitted it didn’t go beyond that. NY Daily News reports:

“I’ve said before that it was a physical relationship, but I say that meaning there was a physical aspect in the relationship,” he said. “She did tell me that she was touching herself in a physical way over the phone, towards me. So when I say physical, that’s what I mean.” InTouch Weekly broke the story in a recent article in which Lockett claimed that he and Kardashian were sexually involved. If Lockett is lying, he went to great lengths to ensure he got his facts straight, even providing an alibi as to why he and Kardashian never met in person. “It was during my football season,” he said. “She was opening her stores in Miami and New York. I know her book signing was being launched at the time, so we weren’t able to connect.” Since Lockett first told InTouch Weekly about the relationship, Kardashian has been quick and stern about denying any contact with the football safety, even demanding the publication kill the story and threatening to sue Lockett for false claims. “I do not plan on apologizing or retracting anything,” he said to CNN. “What I’ve said is the complete, honest truth and you can’t fault someone for telling the truth. That’s just plain and simple.”

My heavens, Kim must be terrified of this shit leaking, especially because it can’t possibly be anything we’ve ever seen before. No, it really can’t. Everything we’ve seen before has been orchestrated, airbrushed, and contractually sound. If anyone sees Kim Kardashian’s tits without Ryan Seacrest signing off on it, chances are she’s going to disappear into a black hole. At least she’d be coming full circle.

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Kim Kardashian Weinered Bret Lockett

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I think we’re at a place where we can use this as a verb now. Anyway, in case you haven’t heard yet, New England Patriots backup to the backup safety, Brett Lockett claimed he hooked up with Kim Kardashian while she was dating the other marginally talented athlete, Kris Humphries. Kardashian then threatened to sue. Lockett then said, “Oh look here, bitch.” TMZ reports:

NFL player Bret Lockett says he’s not afraid of Kim Kardashian’s legal threats — telling “TMZ Live” he has CONCRETE PROOF the two hooked up while Kim was dating her fiance Kris Humphries. TMZ broke the story, Kim threatened to sue Lockett and In Touch Weekly for defamation — over a story in which Lockett claimed Kim’s been cheating on her fiance Kris Humphries … with him. Lockett claims he has phone records, text messages and very personal cell phone pics of Kim — and if push comes to shove, he’s willing to present the evidence in court.

Ok, he’s black, he’s only on his respective team because his team needs to fill out a roster, and he’s black. Let’s not forget that he’s black. I’m not saying she sent him titty pics of course she did, but if Kim Kardashian was in a Saw movie, her worst nightmare would be being in a threesome with Tom Brady and Matt Ryan.

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