Brad Garrett is a Big Dick

I know a lot of you will disagree with me on this, but not everybody loves Everybody Loves Raymond. I loved Ray Romano when he was a cartoon on Dr. Katz. I didn’t love Ray’s TV show. I blame Brad Garrett. His voice is like hearing a fork scraping on plates while you’re underwater and stoned, and it’s not funny. He’s a giant, and not a lovable one. Andre the Giant was a lovable giant. Brad is not.

That all leads to this – Brad, The Unlovable Giant, dressed in look-at-me clothes and went to one of those “L.A. hotspot” photo-op type restaurants with some rent-a-ho under his wing. Brad made a giant ass of himself, tried to act tough, but ended up being all talk, no action. Scratch that. There was action. He did kill someone’s (more…)

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