Katie”Jordan” Price is Classy

Katie Price (a.k.a. “Jordan”) is the UK version of Britney Spears but with better hair extensions and less retarded looking kids. Britney, here’s how you show the world your labia without showing the world your labia. See, you can allude to your “pink taco” without actually serving it.

These might be NSFW:

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Bianca Gascoigne Forgot Her Underwear

If Bianca Gascoigne was famous, you’d know that she’s a British model and the step-daughter of soccer player Paul Gascoigne. Since she’s not, she’s just some chick whose pastimes include not wearing panties and pretending to give oral sex to a shampoo bottle. It’s all about personal preference, but she sounds a little risque to me. I’m into girls who like playing World of Warcraft and staying up late to watch movies. If I really like her, my mom will bring us cookies in my room.

A couple of these are NSFW:

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