Bai Ling Is Subtle & Links

BEST Of 2015: Hilary Duff in a bikini  [   The Superficial   ]

Brittny Gastineau‘s nipple in the ocean  (NSFW)  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Kate Upton showing off the puppies  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Khloe Kardashian naked   [  The Nip Slip  ]

Kendall Jenner‘s ass is the family’s only hope  [   DrunkenStepfather  ]

Stars Wars made Hayden Christensen want to quit Hollywood  [  Dlisted   ]

Robin Thicke’s girlfriend in a bikini  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Leonardo DiCaprio is too good for your franchise bullshit  [  The Blemish  ]

Madison Beer is still in a bikini   [  Popoholic  ]

Caroline Flack in a bikini   [  Celebslam  ]

Kylie Jenner is full of lies  [  Cele|bitchy  ]

50 hottest photoshoots of 2015  [  COED  ]

Marky Mark is the MOST MAN in Daddy’s Home  [  Lainey Gossip  ]

Chloe Grace Moretz is all legs   Egotastic  ]

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Bai Ling Says Good Morning, Links

Miley Cyrus is having orgies now  [ The Superficial ]

Snooki got pregnant while driving [ Dlisted ]

A moment with Allie Silva  [ Hollywood Tuna ]

Leona Lewis said screw the bra  (NSFW)   [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

Rita Ora wore this   [ The Nip Slip ]

Katherine Heigl changed on set, has a weird ass   [ DrunkenStepfather ]

Kate Hudson keeps the booty poppin   [ Popoholic ]

Lady Gaga‘s bare ass in AHS   [ Egotastic ]

Natasha Barnard in lingerie  [ Celebslam ]

Lea Michele called her ass a “showstopper”  [ The Blemish ]

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Bai Ling Not Caring Says Good Morning, Links

Kendall Jenner is a topless model now (NSFW) [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

Sienna Miller doesn’t wear bras to premieres (NSFW site) [ The Nip Slip ]

Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen are parents [ Dlisted ]

The Duggars are coming back to TV because we’re being persecuted [ The Superficial ]

Here’s a dude eating 25 Big Macs in 22 minutes [ Hollywood Tuna]

Martha Hunt in lingerie [ Egotastic ]

Ariana Grande‘s butt is perfect (NSFW site)  [ Celeb Jihad ]

Alexis Ren’s nipples for Planet Blue [ DrunkenStepfather ]

Jessica Alba is busting out [ Popoholic ]

A chick on DWTS had a stroke  [ The Blemish ]

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Bai Ling Refuses to Care

I have no idea why Bai Ling was standing on a corner in Marina del Rey yesterday in a bikini, but here’s the pics. Not sure if she’s doing a photoshoot or if somebody was about to give her a twirly sign to advertise Marina del Rey’s new opium den.

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Bai Ling Continues Not To Care In 2015 As Well

Bai Ling was seen in the last moth of 2014 simply walking around not caring. Twice. She rung in the new year still not caring at a NYE party. This is what she did at a NYE party. Bai Ling walked in like, “Hey, look here.  These are my tits and I’m gonna just keep em out the whole night if that’s cool and if you wanna take pics and sell them to Getty all good. ” These are the pics. Not that I need to tell you this, because you’re smart people, but some of these are NSFW.

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Bai Ling Still Doesn’t Care

On Friday, Bai Ling walked around Beverly Hills with most of her tits hanging out. That made people take Bai Ling’s picture. Bai Ling then quickly deduced that if she did the same thing two days later, people might take pictures of her again. She was right! So here are these pictures. She’s kinda wearing the same thing she did on Friday, but Bai Ling didn’t care so hard this time that the last two pictures  are NSFW. But like more in a clinical way. A very cold and clinical way.

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Bai Ling DGAF


Bai Ling was the crazy lady in The Crow, right? I think she was the crazy lady The Crow. That was 20 years ago. Asians always look immortal until they hit about 60 then they wither away and die. So I’m not sure how old Bai Ling is right now. Somewhere between 30 and 50. Anway, she just walked around Beverly Hills with her boobs out, not caring. Happy Friday to you from Bai Ling. Be nice to her, because her family will be open on Christmas Day.

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Bai Links

Jessica Alba‘s pregnant belly [Dlisted]
Carrie Underwood‘s ace in the hole [City Rag]
Rachel Bilson does GQ [Hollywood Tuna]
Matthew McConaughey is having a baby [Hollywood Rag]
Paris Hilton flashes her panties again (NSFW) [Taxi Driver Movie]
Beyonce has a cameltoe [Drunken Stepfather]
Blake Lively is lovely [Egotastic]
Will Ferrell is coming to Broadway [Just Jared]
Queen Latifah and Missy Elliot are still lesbians [ASL]
Scarlett Johansson thinks she’s a singer [Popoholic]
Lindsay Lohan is wearing those dumb leggings again [Popsugar]
Mark Ebner on Tom Cruise on the Today show this morning [Hollywood Interrupted]
Winning titles from the AVN (porn) Awards [CO-ED Magazine]
Crank Dat Saved by the Bell [College Humor]
Real-time review of Jessica Simpson’s stinker, Blonde Ambition [Pajiba]

Bai Ling classy as always (NSFW):

Bonus: James Lewis, my favorite American Idol contestant so far this season:

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Playboy Uglacy Colinktion Reception

More of Victoria Beckham’s sexy anorexia legs [Just Jared]
Kate Moss is crying in public [Dlisted]
Carmen Electra is dressing like Britney [Hollywood Rag]
Heidi Klum wants an Emmy [Popsugar]
Harry Potter: Sneak Peek! [College Humor]
More of Tara Reid’s funky lipo at the beach [Egotastic]
Natalie Portman slips a nip again (NSFW) [Taxi Driver Movie]
Christina Aguilera wants me to slap her [City Rag]
Penelope Cruz in a bikini [Hollywood Tuna]
Katharine McPhee rocks Six Flags [Popoholic]
Vida Guerra’s ass (NSFW ads) [Drunken Stepfather]
Ashton Kutcher’s relative talks shit about Demi [ASL]
Victoria Silvstedt in lingerie [Horny Oyster]

Ug Ling:

Ugla Sand:

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Bai Ling Lets Her Nipple Slip Again

This is allegedly a nipple, but from here it looks like a chewed up piece of gum which has been kicked around on the street more than a few times and stuck on this monster’s chest. Bai Ling is so ugly I get angry looking at her. She’s ugly inside and out, frontwards and backwards, top to bottom, ching to chong, flotsam to jetsam, but still parades around like she’s the hottie of all hotties. She’s so ugly it should be illegal for her to make people look at her. I should be able to make a citizen’s arrest right now and use a taser on her because she’s that visually offensive.

Click thumbnails for NSFW larger pics:

Video thanks to

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