Ashley Alexandra Dupre Does Girls Gone Wild

Anxious to pay his legal bills since he got released from prison, Girls Gone Wild founder, Joe Francis, has released seven hours of GGW’s footage shot on spring break in 2003 of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s prositute, Ashley Dupre. Earlier this week, Francis offered Dupre $1 million to appear in a video and a promotional, but he immediately rescinded the offer when this footage was found. New York Daily News says:

We have some really great footage of Ashley,” “Girls Gone Wild” CEO Joe Francis said. “There’s a very good shower scene that alone is worth the money.” Francis told the Daily News that Ashley was “a total ‘GGW’ groupie. She was really into girl-on-girl action and she was all over the guys, too.”

Wow, this chick should really look online to see if they have any kind of whore college or institute for whoring, because she has to have enough credit hours by now to get a degree.

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