Ashley Benson Was McDonald’s Official Corporate Whore At Coachella
Ashley Benson Was McDonald’s Official Corporate Whore At Coachella

Ashly Benson Coachella


Seen here not even attempting to pretend that she wasn't paid by McDonald's to attend Coachella, Ashley Benson deep throated the golden arches the entire weekend. She couldn't have hooked up with Moe's? I would have respected her more.


source = she's lovin' it

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Ashley Benson Will Never Do A Nude Scene
Ashley Benson Will Never Do A Nude Scene


Ashley Benson did the March cover for Cosmopolitan, the fantastic magazine that empowers women with such articles as "Did Your Man Order Something Different At Your Favorite Restaurant? 250 Signs He's Cheating" and "75 Ways To Turn Him On!". Mostly, its overcomplicated subversion designed to turn their readers into overthinking Chanel bags of neurosis and sel-doubt. Anyway, Ashley Benson looked hot on the cover and she did a pandering interview where she claimed she'll never do a nude scene.

"I never want to do nudity that's gratuitous. Girls look so much better in lingerie or a T-shirt and leave the rest up to the imagination. I make it clear that I have a line…Everyone tries to push you, and it's easy to get talked into doing those things. I'll just walk off-set. But not everyone realizes they can do that."

As a man, I have a different undertanding of gratuitous nude scenes because the female form is the most beautiful thing the Earth has ever produced. It should be shown as much as possible without you thinking you're being marginalized and objectified. If you have other shit going for you besides a great ass, then there really shouldn't be a problem. To put it in perspective, it's like if chocolate and shoes had their own magazines and complained how you only like unwrapping them and showing them off in public. In closing, get naked. Get naked a lot. You're hot. On the other hand, Lena Dunham is praised for finding every occassion to get naked even though she looks like Grimace with some sort of pigmentation disease. I can't be the only one who sees a problem with this. Becky, I see your hand raised in the back, would you like to share your thoughts on this?


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Ashley Benson Also Went To The 2013 Teen Choice Awards

Apparently you had to look at Christina Hendricks twice today for a period of time. Not sure what that was about. But the leading theory from my boss is that I'm a moron. He makes some very valid points. He's pretty smart and has great hair. He also surfs I think. Did I mention he has great hair? It's pretty great. They had to stop a meeting once because everybody was complimenting it and nobody could remember the action items from the webinar. So to make up for Double Hendricks, here's Ashley Benson at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. She could probably also attend the Male 18-100 Choice Awards and still win something. Because people find her very attractive.

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Ashley Benson Is Weird
Ashley Benson Is Weird

Ashley Benson is ridiculously hot and has huge boobs, and I want to speak my truth to you all right now: those two things are very important to me. That you be ridculously hot and have huge boobs. Way down on that list is chicks who walk around on pavement in socks with the toes cut out. What's that about? Is she playing Britney Spears in a movie? I don't get it. I guess I have to go back to looking at her boobs again

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Ashley Benson Is Great At Hiding

Ashley Benson went walking around Robertson Boulevard in Hollywood yesterday, and much to her surprise, paparazzi were everywhere. And they even tried to take her picture!  Paparazzi! In Hollywood?! Ashley and I could barely even beleive it!

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Eyes Up Here, Selena

The cast of Spring Breakers attended SXSW, and during the Q+A, Selena Gomez just did what cam natural*, baby.

* = thought about having sex with Ashley Benson

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Harmony Korine Is A National Treasure

Harmony Korine, the dude in the middle of the above hot piece sandwich, wrote and directed Spring Breakers. He also wrote the screenplay for Kids when he was a teenager. He also directed the most disturbing movie I have ever seen (THIS). But hopefully his obituary will include “Selena Gomez’s boobs in that dress at the German premiere. Also, Ashley Benson.”

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