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Either she was hooked up to an air pump right before these pictures were taken or Fergie is pregnant. I’m not sure how they’re able to do that on Fergie’s home planet, but hey, congratulations.

Beyonce was nominated for several awards, and for good luck she rubbed the corpse of Yoko Ono, who now works as a doorman.

When asked who she was excited to see perform Amy Lee said, “Quiznos. You see, every sandwich is toasted and…um, uh…I meant to say Beyonce. Yeah, that’s what I meant. Beyonce.”

Carrie Underwood gets points for looking hot, but I don’t think I understand the big ass vein on her head. Is she trying to read my mind? Levitate a car? Throw a bookcase? Somebody might want to investigate that.

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Amy Lee is a Trendsetter

Like I said earlier, it’s a slow news day, but I saw these pictures of Amy Lee (Evanescence) performing in Paris a couple days ago and was reminded of pre-shaved head, long black hair extensions Britney Spears. Is this the look Britney was going for? The same puffy face, short stumpy arms and silly costumes? Amy Lee pretty much only sticks to wardrobe like this for things like concerts and red carpet crap, but Britney mistakes these looks for everyday attire. I promise you if Madonna was pictured wearing an inflatable hot dog costume today, Britney would wear the same thing tomorrow. But Britney’s costume would be dripping with mayonnaise, melted cheese and lard … because naturally she’d try to eat herself.

P.S. I wouldn’t call any of the people mentioned in this post “good singers” (“good entertainers,” maybe), and add Jonathan Davis to that list, for good measure:

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