Amanda Seyfried Took A Knife On A Plane, Tweeted TSA
Amanda Seyfried Took A Knife On A Plane, Tweeted TSA


Possibly distracted by her huge rack, Amanda Seyfried managed to get through a TSA checkpoint and onto a commercial flight with a Swiss Army knife on Friday. Normally you shouldn't be scared of tiny white girls with knives, but you know what Amanda Seyfried does for fun? Taxidermy. Amanda Seyfried stuffs dead animals in her spare time. I met her once at The Village Idiot, and she looked like I could pick her up and put her in my pocket even though she had on heels. And Josh Harnett was wearing two scarves. Not sure where I'm going with this, but taxidermy is weird. Is that owl looking at me? That owl is looking at me. Look, get up for a second. Now just…no, flip your leg over that way. Ok, now sit back down on it. Yeah, just bend over and….there ya go. There ya go…yeah….like that.

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‘Lovelace’ Has A Trailer


Hey, remember when Lindsay Lohan was gonna play Linda Lovelace in that movie Inferno? That was fun. Good times, good times. Anyway, here's one of her Mean Girls castmates, Amanda Seyfried, as Lovelace in the first trailer for, well, Lovelace. Pretty solid title. For those of you who don't know who Linda Lovelace is, she was a porn actress in the '70's who became an international star for playing a woman who discovers her clitoris in the back of her throat in the classic porn comedy Deep Throat. Then she spent the whole movie blowing a bunch of dudes with huge dongs. However, before that, Linda Lovelace had sex with dogs in a bestiality porn because her husband and manager, Chuck Traynor, was a sociopathic maniac who forced her into prostitution (sometimes at gun point), beat her incessantly, and yeah, made her have sex with a dog. Then after surviving that, she died in 2002 from massive trauma and internal injuries she suffered in a car accident. I assume this won't be the best feel good of the year.

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Amanda Seyfried Says Her Boobs Used To Be Bigger

Since I was born, one of my favorite things have been boobs. My second favorite things is talking about boobs. My third favorite is probably Civil War reeactments, but back to boobs. Amanda Seyfriend did a shoot with Allure and it took her a while to pic out a dress, because she wanted to show off her boobs. The boobs that used to be way bigger until she lost weight. OFF WITH HER HEAD!

Seyfried tried on a lot of dresses at our shoot but ultimately fell in love with this floral one by Zac Posen. "It gave some shape up here—they're assets," she said of the resulting cleavage. She once referred to her breasts in an interview as "sacks of fat," a description that she now reconsiders. "Actually, I saw a picture a couple of days ago from when I was 19, and my boobs were way bigger. They were a D, and now they're a small C, because I lost weight," she says. "There was something so beautiful about the size of them. When I look back, I'm like, Why did I always give myself such a hard time?"

I saw Amanda Seyfried once at The Village Idiot when she was dating Josh Hartnett and she was maybe 5'2" and maybe weighed 100 pounds if you put weights in her hands. She also looked like she was about to tip over at any minute, because he rack was massive. She could also see better than everybody else, because it was really dark inside.

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Hey There, Amanda

Amanda Seyfried attended the 2013 National Board Of Review Awards, whatever the hell that is, looking pretty damn hot. She has gigantic eyes and spends her free time buying dead animals that have been stuffed, she also has gigantic tits and a willingness to show them on camera. So just killed my cat and mailed it to her. She should be calling me any time now.

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Amanda Seyfried Went Shopping

I met Amanda Seyfried in Village Idiot once, and surprisingly, the camera doesn’t add 10 inches to her eyes. They’re big as fuck. But enough about that. She’s in short shorts and bending over. Since she’s part owl, her head might be able to turn all the way around, so that would be creepy I guess. I bet you’re saying to yourself, “But, Todd! She’s as white as Emma Stone! You’re a hypocrite!”. Yes, that might be true. But please keep in mind that Amanda Seyfried has huge tits.

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Amanda Seyfried Seems Excited At The Prospect of Knitting

Here’s Amanda Seyfried outside Knitculture boutique in West Hollywood where she went shopping for knitting supplies. Knitting. She’s 26. And she once bought stuffed dead horse. Because she’s into to taxidermy. And knitting. And taxidermy. And knittAHHHHH RUN AWAY RUN AWAY!!!!!!

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Amanda Seyfried Is Banging Josh Hartnett

Amanda Seyfried‘s eyes would have come in handy in 30 Days Of Night. Us Magazine reports:

Amanda Seyfried, 26, has been seeing Josh Hartnett, 33, since January, sources tell the new Us Weekly, on stands this week. “Josh likes to keep things low-key, so they’ve just been hanging out,” says a pal of the pair, who were set up by a friend.

This site is for bad jokes and tit pictures, so I’m not trying to blow up anybody’s spot like some sites (ahem), but I could have reported on this last month when I saw Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hartnett in Village Idiot looking like they were about to fuck at any minute. Also, Amanda Seyfried’s eyes look smaller in person. Which is weird because it was really dark in there. I though owl eyes got bigger at night.

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