Jake Gyllenhaal Is Dating This

Since Leonardo DiCaprio has the Victoria's Secret catalog password protected with his penis, other actors are left with dating Sports Illustrated Swimsuitmodels. Like Alyssa Miller. Page Six reports:

Jake Gyllenhaal has traded in his girlfriend for a new model. Sources say he’s moved on from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit babe Emily DiDonato to another SI stunner, Alyssa Miller. Spies tell us that Gyllenhaal and Miller were spotted at lunch last week at the Dutch in Soho before reports they’d been “making out” at Cold Process Coffee & Tea. Gyllenhaal dated DiDonato for “a month or two,” according to reports. Reps for Miller and Gyllenhaal declined to comment.

Well, good for him. This chick looks like a male Bulgarian bartender, so if this works for him, then let's all wish the happy couple the best.

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Alyssa Miller Threw Up From Her Body Paint

Alyssa Miller, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who should have had a cover by now, may not want to agree to be naked anymore. Today looks to be very depressing. New York Post

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue stunner Alyssa Miller wore nothing but paint for one spread, which made her hurl. “Within 15 minutes, I had thrown up twice from the powerful chemical fumes,” she says in an interview with fashion site Modelinia. And the challenging shoot lasted another 15 hours. She adds of the intimate painting process: “You have to make sure you are completely hairless, which is harder than it sounds. You know all that baby fuzz that covers your body? That has to go.”

This story started off as plane with both engines out, but Alyssa ejected and parachuted safely into Sexy Mountain. Nice save, Alyssa. Nice save.

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