A Moment With Alice Goodwin
A Moment With Alice Goodwin


A friend of mine who splits time between NYC and London. knows Alice Goodwin, and when she asked her if she liked the site, Alice Goodwin said, "Huh? I don't like you in…do what now? Say that again." Pretty awesome. Anyway, she wanted her Instagram followers to know that her new shoot in Zoo Today came out yesterday and she wants you to buy it. I don't know who buys magazines anymore, because you know, the Internet exists, and screens are easier to wipe off.

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Alice Goodwin Says Good Morning, Links
Alice Goodwin Says Good Morning, Links


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Alice Goodwin Says Good Morning, Links
Alice Goodwin Says Good Morning, Links


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Alice Goodwin Says Good Afternoon, Links



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Alice Goodwin Says Good Morning, Links
Alice Goodwin Says Good Morning, Links


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pic source = Instagram

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Alice Goodwin Says Good Morning, Links
Alice Goodwin Says Good Morning, Links


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Alice Goodwin Says Good Morning, Links
Alice Goodwin Says Good Morning, Links


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Alice Goodwin Says Good Morning, Links
Alice Goodwin Says Good Morning, Links


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Alice Goodwin Has An Instagram

Drive through New York Fashion Week right now, and you'll see the freakish ghouls with acne that pass for models in America, then fly over to England and pick up a copy of any magazine. You'll thank me later, because they have what they call "glamour models". Exhibit A: Alice Goodwin. Like, why would you want to get involved in a war with Syria when this is walking around your country? It just doesn't make any kind of logical sense. Although I would like to borrow some of Assad's gas and buy Alice a drink. Let's see how this plays out, baby.


Pics source = Instgram DUH

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