Alan Thicke (1947 – 2016)

Alan Thicke, best known for being the fake dad on Growing Pains and the real dad of Robin Thicke, died yesterday the way all Canadians want to die – playing hockey. 2016 appears to be running out of people.

TV icon Alan Thicke has died…We’re told Alan had a heart attack while he was playing hockey with his 19-year-old son, Carter. He was transported to Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center around noon today, and pronounced dead there…We’re told he and Carter were on the ice around 11 AM when he started having chest pain, then got nauseous and vomited. The ambulance picked him up around 11:30 and took him to the hospital.

Eh, Alan Thicke had a very successful TV career, a hot wife, and his kids were complete embarrassments, and that’s probably better than your life, so I won’t shed any tears over Alan Thicke. Dude had a pretty kickass life. He also died at “69” which is also pretty baller.