Bristol Palin Is Mad Ahmed Got A White House Invite
Bristol Palin Is Mad Ahmed Got A White House Invite

“Who wants to get me pregnant?”

Ninth-grader Ahmed Mohamed was arrested in Irving, TX earlier this week, not because he built a clock, he was arrested because for the first time in recorded history, white people now live in constant fear that they may be eradicated from the face of the planet. Sucks, doesn’t it? We feel ya. Maybe in 200 years you’ll get your own holiday or even your own month.  How cool would that be? Stay positive. Anyway, at one time, before Moses became a Founding Father, America prided itself on engineering and scientific innovation, so to encourage that again, Obama invited Mohamed to the White House. Bristol Palin dropped out of community college and has two kids from two different fathers to raise by herself, but still manages to be a Republican. So you can see why she would be mad at this. And when white people get angry, they either shoot up a movie theater or write a blog post. Bristol wrote a blog post. I will now proceed to translate it for you.


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