Go Links Panthers!

Now that’s a woman who is dedicated to her Florida Panthers. [TotalProSports]

Bo! Fo sho! The white guy from MA still keeps raps classic, even when mildly recycled. [EbaumNation]

UCLA wants James Franco to GTFU of their graduation ceremony. Can’t they just have an old rich guy like everyone else? [TMZ]

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are having an affair, and their lies have been smacked down by video. [LaineyGossip]

PETA is really stretching the limits of this “naked people might remind clothed people that animals aren’t things, they are more like naked people” ad campaign. Site NSFW. [DrunkenStepfather]

Lisa Rinna is so desperate to get on the new Melrose Place she strapped on a sandwich board and stood on Melrose. No joke. [ICYDK]

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Britney Spears is Very Smart

Hey, you remember not too long ago when the possibility of Britney Spears being tasered and dragged to a padded room by a stick collar because she tried to fight an oncoming bus with a toy lightsaber was very real? Yeah, during that time she was hanging out with stalker Sam Lutfi and dating a paparazzo named Adnan Ghalib. Boy, it sure is a good thing her dad took control of her life so she couldn’t contact them anymore. Or not. People reports:

So when the 27-year-old pop star managed to get a prepaid cell phone recently, her security team confiscated it from her purse while she was at a dance practice. Confronted, she revealed the phone was given to her by someone during a hotel stay. And that person, she disclosed, got it from two men whom her father wants to keep permanently in the singer’s troubled past: ex-manager Sam Lutfi and former boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib. Jamie Spears described the cellular phone incident in testimony Monday in a Los Angeles court as he sought to maintain a restraining order against Lutfi, whom Jamie has claimed harassed Britney and has sought to undermine Jamie’s legal control over her life.

My god, this hillbilly is dumb. Can’t we just blindfold her and leave her in the woods somewhere? I mean, that’s humane. My ex-girlfriend told the police she learned a lot about herself during the experience.

It’s hairy day!

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Britney Spears Gets A Restraining Order

For every Britney (turn, turn, turn) there is a season (turn, turn, turn).

Britney Spears is pissed at her old flings Sam Lutfi, the guy who was her “manager,” if manager means drugging your client and controlling her, and Adnan Ghalib, the paparazzi with the landing strip facial hair who smells like vagina in my mind. The Spears conservatorship has filed a restraining order against these two.

One of the lawyers in the case filed a declaration saying over the past month she received “multiple telephone calls and text messages from Lutfi.” She says Lutfi wanted to set up an urgent meeting to “speak with Mr. Spears and me with regard to what he claimed was ‘information he had received about Mr. Spears and his daughter, Britney Spears as well as others.'” The attorney also says Lutfi claimed “he had been talking with Adnan Ghalib about the conservatorship and Ms. Spears’ status as a conservatee.”

In another document, one of the conservatorship lawyers claims “Mr. Lutfi has sent text messages and instant messages that contain false and hurtful allegations concerning Mr. Spears, Ms. Spears, and the Spears family.” The lawyer continues, “Mr. Lutfi, Adnan Ghalib, and Jon Eardley sought unsuccessfully to induce an attorney to file” false statements with the court.

The papers make it clear….”Over the past month, Ms. Spears has had numerous telephone conversations with both Mr. Lutfi and Mr. Ghalib and has exchanged numerous text messages with both of them.” But we’re told now Brit is so mad at them she wants them locked up.

My favorite Britney Spears was the sexy, forbidden, virgin one. Even though she wasn’t a virgin, she was a lot more alluring than kids/crazy Britney or current puppet Britney. So I got pictures of Britney Spears v1.0, because Circus-era Britney Spears always looks dead behind the eyes.

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Britney Spears Has a Sex Tape

Adnan Ghalib, one of the greasy douche paparazzi who Britney Spears was humping for a while, is admitting he owns a sex tape starring Britney Spears which they made during this Mexico trip, and of course it’s for sale. The Sun reports:

Adnan Ghalib, the British pap whom she dated during her breakdown, says he WILL sell the tape for the right price. He told Heat magazine: “There is such a tape, but I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries. “Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further. An unconfirmed source claims the two-hour X-rated footage features Britney naked wearing just a pink wig and was allegedly shot in Mexico. Adnan added: I am not interested in selling out any other details about Britney.”

Gosh, I hope this tape is the Scratch-N-Sniff kind! Can you imagine how that room smelled? I’m thinking it was a blend of Drakkar Noir and low tide. Or maybe it’s litter box and bat cave? Whatever it is, it’s sexy, and worth every bit of the nothing I’m offering Adnan for it.

Update: 97.9 KISSFM in Jacksonville, FL has pictures of what they claim might be pictures from this sex tape. They say:

Now we can not confirm nor deny that these are Britney, but about six months ago, someone leaked these pictures, stating they were from Adnan, after a trip to Mexico. If you remember back then, she did have dark hair.”

So here’s who may or may not be Britney looking like a soaking wet crack whore in a cheap hotel bathtub. She has the ugly wrist tattoo(s?), the blackish hair (when she wasn’t wearing the pink wig), the belly piercing, and what looks like a C-section scar, but we’ll leave it for you to decide.

Update: Images removed per request of 97.9 KISSFM.

Note: The NSFW photos are being used with permission and are courtesy of 97.9 KISSFM. They have more pictures on their site so check them out.

Britney double fisting Frappuccinos a couple days ago:

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