Kate Hudson’s Butt Came In 2nd Place At The Golden Globes

Jessica Chastain clearly won, but Kate Hudson has had this ass for while now, so I guess that explains why she always has new dudes asking to marry her then she calls it off then immediately starts dating again then gets engaged. Then the whole process just sorta repeats itself over and over until her ass doesn’t look like this anymore. The point of this post is her butt btw. See below post for more thoughts on the subject.

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The 72nd Annual Golden Globes

Unless you were being held captive in a place without wi-fi, you probably already know the 72nd Golden Globes were last night, and I’m not gonna spend too much time on it, I’ll just give you everything you need to know so when people ask you about it at work, you’ll have the bullet points:


1. Only feminist comedians can make rape jokes

2. George Clooney now has something to hold when he’s holding Amal Clooney’s purse

3. Michael Keaton’s son wrote songs for Jason Derulo

4. A white family’s 12-year ordeal is this year’s 12 Years A Slave

5. Jennifer Lopez wears the same dress to everything

6. Common and Michael Keaton made the best acceptance speeches

7. Jennifer Aniston didn’t win anything

8. Eddie Guccimane won Best Actor, because he had pretend ALS

9. Meryl Streep looked high af

10. Everybody was sweating

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Jessica Chastain Won The 72nd Golden Globes

I mean, technically, Boyhood and Birdman won the 72nd Golden Globes, but neither of those movies wore this dress or would have looked like Jessica Chastain in the dress. I actually don’t even know why they gave out awards or cut to other people. I don’t want to bring up her dress again, but did you see her in the dress?

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