Somebody Robbed Drake’s Tour Bus Of $3M In Jewelry


I hope this doesn’t put off Drake‘s dream of a classy strip club where you pay women to discuss their feelings, but his tour bus got jacked early this morning of millions of dollars in jewelry. 

Drake went ballistic early Wednesday morning after learning one of his tour buses was targeted by thieves, who made off with 2 to 3 million dollars in bling. Drake and Future were performing at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix Tuesday night when a thief or thieves made it onto a bus shared by the 2 rappers. They took a briefcase that contained millions of dollars in jewelry. We’re told the jewelry was Future’s, but the video is clear — Drake was super upset when he learned about the heist.We’re told detectives are reviewing security footage to ID the culprits.

Not sure if this classifies as “ballistic” or not. Maybe he couldn’t go fully ballistic because his shirt is so tight. But who keeps $3M worth of jewelry in a tour bus?*

(*) = rhetorical

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