Kelly Brook Is Wonder Woman & Links


Wonder Who? #Keith&Paddy

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The first footage from Wonder Woman is here, badass  [  Dlisted   ]

Close your legs, Kristen Dunst. There’s a camera pointed at your vagina   [  Taxi Driver Movie   ]

Noted child molester R Kelly defended noted rapist Bill Cosby  [   The Superficial   ]

I’m glad Disney told Demi Lovato to fix her teeth  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ass in a bikini should drop sales of her cookbook   [   DrunkenStepfather  ]

Brazilian model Liziane Gutierrez just casually changing at the beach  (NSFW)  [  The Nip Slip  ]

Kim Kardashian is getting paid to tell you how to lose weight now  [  Reality Tea  ]

At least two white people love Jamie Foxx now   [  Cele|bitchy  ]

I have no idea who told Gigi Hadid to wear this dress  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Ronda Rousey had some thing to say   [  The Blemish  ]

You can’t do a Kelly Brook post with just one pic:

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