In case you were on the fence about whether or not the Kardashians were soulless monsters who suck the life out of everything they touch if it allows them to negotiate one extra point on the backend, I hope the Lamar Odom situation cleared that up for you. Since then, they’ve received a lot of warranted backlash (including this epic takedown), so what better way to garner sympathy and some good PR by planting a story saying Khloe Kardashian is leaving James Harden to “stay by Odom’s side”? Yeah, okay.

Khloe Kardashian has put the brakes on her relationship with James Harden, in the wake of Lamar Odom’s medical crisis … sources tell TMZ. We’re told Khloe is putting her relationship with the NBA star on ice, and as one source puts it, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see she still has deep feelings for Lamar. 

James Harden signed a 13-year, $200M shoe deal with Adidas two months ago and is currently in the third year of a 5-year, fully guaranteed, $78M deal with the Houston Rockets (naturally, Kris Jenner has been trying to get a piece).  Lamar Odom has kidney failure and spends $75K at whorehouses. Let’s also not pretend like I need to say anything else.


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